What you will get out of it

Stop wasting time looking for sparse documentation on the web.
► All aspects covered to develop production-ready panels that sell.
► Real-world tips to make a business out of Panels development.
28 Demo Extensions with fully commented code.
► 302 pages PDF up-to-date to CC 2019.
► A three hours video-course.

The main problem is that HTML Panels development requires a number of very different skills, and it's incredibly difficult to build a linear learning path, that starts from the basics and builds your knowledge gradually, up to the point where you're able to develop production-ready Panels - that sell. Which is what this course is all about!

⚠️  Legacy notice

This course was first published in 2016 and has served hundreds of developers from seventy different countries of the world ever since. Please note that the CEP technology has been phased out, especially in Photoshop, favouring the new UXP environment: I suggest you look either at Adobe UXP plugin development with React JS or Professional Photoshop UXP.

Single User

  • 302 pages PDF

  • 28 demo panels

  • 3 hours video course

  • 99

    Single User License


  • 302 pages PDF

  • 28 demo panels

  • 3 hours video course

  • 149

    ENTERPRISE LICENSE (up to 10 seats)

  Frequently Asked Questions

 Why is this course Legacy?

Adobe Photoshop moved away from the CEP and ExtendScript language with the introduction of the UXP runtime, which supports the development of both Scripts and Plugins using modern JavaScript. The Photoshop (scripting) API have been rewritten from the ground up, and the two environments are incompatible. While ExtendScript is still available within the application for backward compatibility purposes, it will eventually be discontinued and is now considered a legacy technology; CEP is available in AppleSilicon Macs only if Photoshop runs in Intel compatibility mode.
Unless you need it to maintain an old code base, you should look at the new courses on UXP.

Audience level?

Total beginners, you won’t feel lost. The first four Chapters lay down the essential elements that will help you with both the language syntax and, perhaps more importantly, the proper programming mindset. You’ll have time to familiarize with the Scripting architecture through examples: if/when needed, you can refer to the dedicated learning resources that I’ve listed. Anyone else: do not skip to Chapter five! The Course starts slow, but you need to have a solid understanding of the basics if you want to master what follows. And there’s a lot of ground to cover, up to very advanced topics.

What Photoshop versions are supported?

The ExtendScript language (the peculiar flavour of JavaScript that Adobe Photoshop uses) has changed very little over time: you can safely apply what you will learn to Photoshop CS6 up to CC 2020. Versions post-2020 still run it for backwards-compatibility purposes only, but the support will eventually be discontinued. Refer to the UXP courses.

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