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 Hi, I’m Davide, and I’ve authored several unique Books and Video-Courses for Software Developers who are into Adobe extensibility.


The new UXP Photoshop API for Scripts and Plugins

With the introduction of UXP extensibility, Photoshop has wholly revamped its extensibility framework. Everything’s different, and backwards compatibility’s gone.

Fear not! This course guides you through the new Photoshop API to create UXP Scripts and Plugins able to outpower the old tech.

If you've read Professional Photoshop Scripting, consider this one an updated and expanded successor.

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The UXP + ReactJS course
you waited for!

UXP is the new JavaScript environment that replaces CEP for building Adobe Creative Cloud plugins.
React JS is the most popular library among developers, and the one Adobe recommends to use with UXP.

Find why learning them both at the same time is
not too much on your plate, but the best way ever.

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Legacy courses

The following products cover technologies that are now considered legacy in the Adobe extensibility landscape. I’m leaving them here at a discounted price for developers needing to maintain old codebases only.

bundles ps

A complete course on Adobe Photoshop Scripting, from the basics up to advanced topics.
Exclusive material you’re not going to find anywhere else.
409 pages PDF with sample code.

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bundles html

A comprehensive course on Adobe Photoshop CEP (HTML) Panels Development – Build and Market Adobe CC Extensions.

302 pages PDF, with ePub and Mobi, 28 Demo Panels with fully commented code; 3 hours of HD video-tutorials (optional).

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bundles automation

Hands-on guide on Native Installers for CEP extensions, and ways to automate the Extension building pipeline with Task Managers.

78 pages PDF with sample code

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JS Native Apps

A videocourse that walk you through a novel approach on extensibility: independent apps based on modern JS/Node.js (requires CEP in Photoshop).

9 hours HD video with sample code

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Enterprise Licenses and Bundles

Companies may want to look for products’ Team/Enterprise licenses – you are allowed to download and share the assets with up to 10 employees. In addition, Video content when available, can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Bundles available to anyone at discounted prices.

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Meet the author

Hiya, Davide Barranca here 🇮🇹 I’m a Photoshop developer, author and retoucher with 23 years of experience. I use to blog , too. You’ve read my bio, that’s enough social interaction for the day  🙃